August 11, 2006

Ugly Terror

A passenger travelling from Washington to Las Vegas was interviewed in an article that appeared on the front section of the Toronto Star today. I can't link it for some obscure reason. Sorry.

Her concerns were an echo of much of what is being said after the foiled terror plot that could have seen as many as ten planes blown up over New York, Los Angeles and Washington after they left British airspace. The new restrictions on any and all liquids, from deodorant to water to hair gel to sunscreen, have left passengers tossing many of their carry-on items into the dustbin before boarding. The woman interviewed used the word 'scary'.

She's right, of course. It is disconcerting at the least. But she used the word scary in a different context.

"I won't even have lipstick to reapply....going without my makeup bag is scary".

There are days I just wonder how the damned terrorists haven't already won.


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