September 23, 2006

Blogging the Blogger

I had an interesting conversation yesterday about blogging. Keeping a blog (short for web log for anyone arriving late, get the door, will ya?) has raised navel gazing to it's highest level ever. Millions of people free to hop on the always-rush-hour information highway and add more congestion.

Blog writers' motives are as varied as the participants. Blog readers, well I only know my own motives for reading some of them. The guy I was speaking to said he'd yanked the computer from his home a year ago, never read any blogs, and had just frankly had enough. He said it was impossible to gain anything from them. Who was I to argue? I actually told him that for the most part, reading blogs was like watching someone take a poop. Why would you?

Reading blogs is like chosing friends. Some you click with, some you don't. If someone shares my sense of humour, I spend time with that person. Or blog. If someone has really interesting information they bring to me that I might otherwise have missed, I'm going to tune in.

I think most people who blog do it to be heard. They want to think someone is listening, an impulse that exists from the moment we are born. It's intrinsic; we want someone to pay attention. I'm lucky enough to have a platform for that a couple of times a week in a column. I use my blog as a kind of warm-up every morning, like a runner stretching before they head out.

I also use it as a catch-all for other ideas that maybe aren't quite fully formed enough for a column or story. There are many areas I'm not educated enough to comment on officially, but I can ponder them in a blog form. I often hear from others who are - a great way for me to learn.

There are always those that troll - evil little morons typing madly away in their mother's basements, hating the world as they find ever more ways to avoid going out into it - who add nothing but vitriol. I even think they're fun. Like watching a kid have a tantrum, you just ignore them. When these people do their own blogs, it's the equivalent of a written Rorschach test - they have no idea how much their virtually unreadable words reveal, but it's fun like a science experiment is fun.

What do I want in the blogs I follow? Smart, sharp, informative, funny (yeah, I like funny), well-written and honest. The same things I want in my friends.

It's not so tough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please keep on blogging - yours is the only one I read & thoroughly enjoy every day. Looking forward to your account of the Sept.22 bout. I admire your passion for things so much. Thanks again for all of your unique perspective & the awesome ability you have to convey it. Sandie Thomas (the Avon lady)

September 23, 2006 12:58 PM  
Blogger Rainypete said...

I like the varied viewpoints you can get on the world, but there certainly is a lot of dreck out there to sift through. It could be very easy for one with too much time on their hands to get swallowed whole by it.

September 25, 2006 7:38 PM  

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