September 14, 2006

Dawson College

If somebody decides they want to take a gun and go shoot people, there is very little you can do to stop it.

I suppose.

I'm not sure where one gets a semi-automatic weapon these days. I'm not sure just who would require one outside the arena of war, and what loopy crazy law would justify anyone to sell them. My father was a farmboy; I get the rural uses of rifles and shotguns.

Handguns? Semi-automatic and automatic weapons? Are you kidding me? Are we not a world fixated enough on death and violence without handing out two-for-one coupons to any bastard having a bad day?

I'm trying to raise my kids in a world I just don't want to send them into. If they can't even go to school without the threat of getting killed, I'm not sure there is any point at which we can stand up and cheer for ourselves. We have accomplished nothing as a society if we can't protect our children.

I've been reading all the reports about Kimveer Gill who shot up Dawson College yesterday. He lived at home with his mother. His blog raged and raged with murderous hatred. He loved guns, and possessed them. His favourite video game was called 'Super Columbine Massacre'. I had to read that twice. What criminals market this crap? Do our capitalist ways really reach to celebrating something so heinous? Is there nobody who will stand up and decide there is no room in the marketplace for this?

My kids brought a video game here that featured pimps and crack hos. That's 'whores' if you're unfamiliar with the term. The game was here for 2 minutes, and it was removed. This is my home. My home will not contain garbage for the same reason I do not strew sewage around my living room.

You can be sure if my son brought home a semi-automatic weapon, I would know. IF IT IS HAPPENING UNDER YOUR ROOF YOU HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO BE AWARE OF IT, AND TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

This was supposed to be far more eloquent, and far more wise. But I am so sorry for the children who were killed or wounded yesterday with bullets, and for those who have been so gravely wounded just by being there. So many headlines yell at me that 'it could have been worse', as they always do in these circumstances. But I'm not sure there is 'worse' than when your safety and trust have been so irreparably violated.

Our legacy is shameful: We are snuffing out the hope as surely as we extinguish a candle.


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