September 3, 2006

Hut One, Hut Two...

I wouldn't want to suggest that our children are growing at mutant rates, but can someone explain why what used to be odd is now the norm? I've heard the argument about steroids fed to chickens being responsible, and all the chemical additives in everything, and yeah, I buy it. I mean, I buy the stuff, and I also buy the reasoning.

I have spent all day driving around looking for size 15 football cleats. No, not for me, but thanks for thinking that. My son is 14. His feet hang over the edge of his queen size bed. People walk in our front door and ask who wears the clown shoes. Every time he announces he wants to play a sport, I throw myself face down on the bed and start sobbing.

Last Christmas, I spent weeks looking for skates. I've spent equal amounts of time hunting down roller blades. Runners are hard enough, let along skate shoes. When he was going to a grad dance, the race was on for dress shoes. My biggest stink is in the spring when both boys run track. They wear these shoes for 5 weeks (I've counted) and then toss them in the cupboard. And that is that.

As he jams his feet into a size 14 I found and winces in pain, I have not very Mom-like thoughts bouncing around my head. I have pictures of how I deadhead plants and trim hedges. Told you it wasn't very nice.

We're heading out again shortly to a store called Promised Land Sports, or something like that. Cross your fingers, and yeah, I already know how long football season is. But thanks for wondering if you should tell me.


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