September 26, 2006

Love Among the Ruins

Heh. Heh, heh, heh, heh.

Rosie Dimanno does such an effective reporting on Belinda Stronach's dragging through the mud on a horse ridden by Tie Domi's soon-to-be ex-wife that's it almost anti-climactic to do it here. Except, it's way too much fun to ignore.

These Domi lads must really think they're coated in Teflon. Tie's brother Dash (I know: Not like your kids much, giving them those names?) seemed positively thrilled to come out of his computer leasing inquiry with merely the label 'idiot' plastered on his forehead. Aim high, I always say.

Now Tie's wife is exacting a little revenge of her own for being a long-suffering hockey wife. When will people quit underestimating just how quickly, and how harshly, the worm can turn? Human nature is to use whatever currency they have at their disposal to first survive, and then thrive.

Getting together is usually about money and sex. Getting apart is usually about the same things, except nothing is going in the same direction as it once was. Mrs. Domi has plastered Belinda Stronach's name all over the place by naming her as the 'other woman' in a pending divorce battle. Legally, she didn't need to name anyone. But Tie underestimated the value of Belinda as currency in this game. Not like him to forget to size up his opponent.

Mrs. Domi? Ah, tacky. It's bad enough your children have a father with so little class, and you seem to have forgotten that if you fling around poop, you get it on everyone, including yourself. Bad move. Fun for us, but horrendous for your children. Get a good lawyer, shut your trap, move on with dignity.

Tie? Well, same old crap. Your wife put up with it before, I suppose you had every reason to believe life would go on. Your children deserve better. It's crushing to go from Daddy-as-hero to Daddy-as-fool. That national stage you've milked for attention for so long is more than happy to slap you stupid now. Retired hockey players don't get nearly as much action as active ones, so I suppose that fact, coupled with a few too many cracks to the head, could have produced this. Guess you can always take up computer leasing...

Belinda? Where to start? YOU ARE AN ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE CONSTANTLY FIGHTING AN UPHILL BATTLE THAT YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH TO GOVERN. While I'm sure you feel there is a certain patriotism in at least allegedly fooling around with a hockey player (no bush league CFL stuff for you), I'm wondering how long before Daddy takes away the car keys and tells you you're grounded. Grow up, woman. Forget your constituents (well, you evidently have, come to think of it) your children deserve better, too.


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