September 28, 2006


I read yesterday that the only strip club in town is moving. It's been there since I can remember, and I used to live just down the road from it. The neighbours are cheering, as one would expect, as it prepares to pack up its seediness and move on.

This topic pops up often in the media. Where should these establishments exist? I can here the braying 'they should exist NOWHERE!' ruckus ringing in my ears, but really, where should they go?

We don't have a desert for places of this sort to spring up in. It's always going to end up within spitting distance of someone's house/school/work/sensibilities. When it originally set up shop, it was just in the middle of a kind of no-man's land as far as development went. There were houses (my old insurance agent's parents lived across the road - she got good mileage out of that joke), but it was mostly light industrial and fast food places. It was pretty innocuous. We all knew it was there, but like a biker clubhouse it becomes a curiousity that you peek at and are usually disappointed. The only time my father ever went was for my ex-husband's stag party. My dad had a blast. Guess things had evolved since he left the farm.

I've been in several peeler bars, mostly out of curiousity. I've had a lot of guy friends over the years, and if they wanted to go, I didn't much care. You learn a lot about men in these places. A lot of things you probably don't want to know, but educational nonetheless. Things have gotten significantly raunchier over the years, and I doubt I'll be back anytime soon.

The guys in these places kind of make me shrug, but the women break my heart. And especially, the girls. Moving these places may help the neighbours, but it sure doesn't do anything for the girls. I don't know the answer, I just know the question bothers me. A lot.

Human nature at its worst, I guess. Like they say, if you build it...


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