September 12, 2006

The Pain Diaries

I've been typing with a stick between my teeth since last Wednesday. I've discovered muscles I'm not sure I was supposed to discover.

As today's Motherlode finally drags the covers off the newest project, I'll be keeping daily entries here for the progress of Lorraine "Virago" Sommerfeld. Boxing Madwoman.

The two lads who are taking turns killing me, Ernie Schramayr and Adam Higson can be found at All Canadian Fitness. If you're serious about getting into shape for something specific, or just for kicks, these are your guys. Unbelievable.

I will write more later - Craig's website The Fighter supplies additional information - click on 'event' and scroll down to see the letter that got this all started. Actually, the whole site is great. Spend some time.


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