September 20, 2006

Rock-a-bye Baby

I remember reading that a double bed is the width of two crib mattresses. My parents slept their entire marriage on a double bed. I will never know if that's why they stayed married for 40 years, or why they fought so much.

I adore beds. I adore sheets and pillows and duvets. I am an expert. I am a freak about how a bed gets made, and I am super picky about good quality beds.

I am also an insomniac.

This article discusses the science of people sleeping together, or not. How sometimes couples have been together so long they can't sleep if the other one isn't there. I don't sleep well if the kids aren't home, but I don't have a problem if Brad's away. The kids don't sleep with me, but I feel their absence. But an empty bed is fine by me. Sorry, Brad.

He says if I'm away he can't sleep at all. I think he's lying, because the man can sleep standing up. No matter what's on his mind, no matter what's going on, if the opportunity for sleep presents itself, he's off. It makes me so jealous I could kick him.

I sleep about 3 or 4 hours a night most nights, maybe 7 or 8 one night a week, and one night is always a total washout - zero sleep. It's been this way since I can remember.

I've known women who have let the kids sleep in bed with them as a barrier between them and a husband they don't like too much. That's crazy. There is something far more effective; a divorce.

The article had some interesting points about couples that, because they sleep so closely, they had saved each other's lives - heart attacks, seizures and the like, that would have gone unnoticed if the other hadn't been there.

Well, that bodes well for Brad. I'm not only there, I'm wide awake. I, however, am probably beat. Coma boy may be there, but he'd sleep right through it.


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