September 29, 2006

Round 3

I've got mixed emotions on this one. There are people who were really, really rooting for me to get punched right out of the boxing ring last Friday.

Here's the final installment of the Toronto's Star feature, and my own editor called and said 'well, did he hit you a little?'. I told her if he'd plowed me, I would have sailed right out of the ring. I told her I got to demonstrate all my training, and feel like an almost-real boxer for a few minutes. 'Just a few minutes, huh?'.

Oh, the letdown. So. Sorry, but I'm fine. Except for my left knuckles, which are still bruised from my boxing session 2 days ago. Yep. I'm still doing this.

Maybe this time next year, I'll let him take a shot...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you. Hope the pain in your neck stays away - that is a real plus & a new outlet for your energy. My husband did some serious boxing in his long ago youth & said of your Spec photo - "she has a mean eye" which according to him was an indication of how hard he was going to have to work at a bout. He didn't know at the time about you apologizing. LOL Glad you had fun - it was fun for me following your exploit. Hmmm- what's next? Sandie ( the Avon lady)

September 29, 2006 9:16 AM  

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