September 8, 2006

Shut up, Shut up, Shut up.

Oh, how I wish the press would stop giving an airing to stories like this one. Another mother going 'on strike'. Sit down and shut up already. This is not original, it is not new, it is still not smart or funny.

"It's so hard raising kids these days, barf, barf, barf...". It's always been hard raising kids. It's especially hard when you don't instill rules or discipline in them, and then at age 14 you are flabbergasted that they are selfish little trolls. She whines that her kids wouldn't pick up their playroom full of toys. So, tell me, why do they still have a playroom full of toys? The answer is in the question.

She cooks, she cleans, she works, she drives them (insert your own little mental image of her hand drawn dramatically across her forehead here) and still, they have no respect. Remember when they were cute little 18-month-olds playing with that little stacker toy? That's when they should have learned they have to put it away.

If your children are making your life miserable, you make theirs more miserable. It's easy. Take out the Nintendo. Make them walk. Be a parent, for crying out loud. Make rules, and stick to them. It's boring, it's repetitive, it's hard and it's the only thing that works. And if you refuse to do this, keep your kids away from mine - at my house, it's my rules. For everyone.

My biggest worry is always about the things these idiot parents aren't seeing. They bitch about a kid not making his bed when he's told. I'm more concerned about a kid doing drugs or driving drunk - I mean after all, you told him not to do that too, right?

If you started a new job, and nobody showed up to tell you what to do or how to do it, would it be your fault for not having the tools and instructions, or your boss's fault for not providing them?

I crank at my kids all the time. And the times I get the most exasperated are the times I know it's something I didn't adequately equip them to handle. The source of my frustration, more often than not, is me.

But don't tell them that.


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