September 6, 2006

Telepathy or Wishful Thinking?

You have to love the English. Truly. They invented the nuttiest things, like food called Spotted Dick, Blood Pudding, Bangers and Mash and trifle. And yes, thanks to my mom, I've eaten all those things. The last two aren't bad...

A new study out of the land-that-real-science-forgot has a British scientist studying the phenomenon of the phone ringing - and you know just who it is! The whole (scant) article is linked here.

In my family, we've always had this. My sister and I barely have to bother using the phone. My mother was the same way, and we just thought it was normal. If we lost our keys or something, we'd call my mom (she knew it was us) and tell her. She'd sleep on it, and call in the morning (we knew it was her) and tell us where to look. Worked every time.

This scientist, in an effort to secure further funding to sit in his office all day and play spider solitaire, has also extended this bold initiative into the cyber world. He says the same thing happens with emails, and maybe even text messaging.
Text messaging, as far as I've noticed, is usually done by 14-year-olds, and usually done so obsessively that they can't help but cross wires with the only two people they text.

I read an article recently that offered yet another scientific explanation for deja vu - something explaining that you while you had experienced that sensation or sight, it was actually a split second before you had your deja vu - not another day or year or lifetime. Sucked a little of the romance out of the whole idea.

I've only had the crossed email thing with one other person, and it was a little spooky because I don't send out all that many emails. It would even be date-stamped the same minute. Maybe this scientist is onto something.

Or maybe we can see anything we want to in clouds.


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