September 4, 2006

Vanity Plate Redux

A couple of weeks back I wrote a Power Shift about vanity plates. I mused about how much fun it must be to be one of the people that had to figure out what nasty verbal assaults the general public tried to get emblazoned in metal to hang from their cars.

On The Smoking Gun, there is a trove of letters received by just such a bureau. They're New York plates, but fun all the same. It's also interesting to note that I'm not the only one who stresses over just what some people are trying to say, though I must admit one thing.

I'm not nearly crafty enough to figure some of this stuff out. It appears the official languages of a million nations are incorporated into some of these plates, and for such dubious reasons. I mean, it's nice that you can speak Russian, but why would you use this skill to write 'penis' on your license plate?

In the opening blurb, they list several plates that you can basically make out. All except one, that is. I was stumped. The answer is on page 8, that you click at the bottom.

I now know all those years of Jeopardy and crossword puzzles were for naught.


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