October 2, 2006

Foley's Frolics

Oh, those silly Republicans. Grand Ole Party, indeed.

Desperate to keep their majority in the House of Representatives, they had been trying to keep a page-lusting representative, Mark Foley, under wraps. Creep-o has been sending lurid, myspace-worthy emails to young males pages for years, it seems.

Ewwwww. The kids all knew, and traded notes amongst themselves for years. These kids are only 16 and 17, and apparently didn't want to mess up future job opportunities by turning the creep in. Nice message we're sending our kids, huh?

As is now par for the course, Foley has tucked himself into alcohol rehab. As a friend pointed out, that will surely kill off homosexual tendancies. I know I only lust after young lads if I've been drinking. Well, that's maybe not entirely true...

Is power really this hypnotic? Do these pigs believe they are immune? Maybe they are. I'm not sure why they even have 'pages' any more. After Clinton informed a generation that oral sex is indeed NOT real sex (thanks for that you idiot) you have to wonder what definition of reality these fools are passing around among themselves.

Foley is vile. Those that covered for him are vile. And the voting public is stupid if they don't start demanding more integrity from those they elect.

I mean, next thing you know, those Americans might find themselves in an immoral, unwinnable war or something.


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