October 17, 2006

A Lost Generation?

Five kids under 12 lock a disabled teen in a shed, set it on fire, and commence dancing and laughing as flames engulf the structure.

Finish your breakfast before you read the whole piece here. The comments that follow are the usual round-up of 'when did kids get so mean?' garbage.

Children have always been mean. Venomously, lethally, mean. I will never cease to be amazed at what poor memories people seem to have. I remember being bullied, a lot, I remember being a bully - once. It just felt good not to be the one being picked on. Darwin's theory wasn't just something they taught us - we lived it.

I'll echo what a lot of people are saying - it's the parents. Empathy starts young. You may not be able to convince your 2-year-old to share his cheesies with his brother because it's the right thing to do, but you don't stop making him do it. Good parenting is about rote. Over and over and over, until you think you'll go crazy, and until you see him offer his brother a cheesie one day.

I don't believe in child-centred families. I am not here to create the next generation of royalty. We are family-centred, because everyone needs a time to lead, a time to rest, and a time to be carried. Everyone needs to feel what each role is comprised of.

Disciplining preschoolers in exhausting. But when I see people with out of control 14-year-olds, I wonder if they wouldn't like to go back and revisit that decision to let the 3-year-old have his way every time.

So, 4 girls and a boy band together to terrorize and injure a disabled boy. Is it pack mentality? Five isn't much of a pack. I've long maintained the major difference between boys and girls is that boys punch and girls plot. I've seen more aggression in girls over the years, though maybe that's my own memory becoming wonky.

I had girls chase me home from school and kick and throw things, but it was Ricky Smith that gave me my first bloody nose. A bloody nose is easier to overcome than the terror those girls instilled in me about what might happen.

These 5 could have killed this boy; indeed they would have, if a parent hadn't come rushing to his aid. The article cites the depressed socio-economic factors in the area, and the lack of parental guidance. But I've seen rich kids with no supervision too. Parenting isn't about money. I've always said rich kids just cram better drugs up their noses and wrap more expensive cars around poles.

Our kids need to find the tools for humanity in us. They sure aren't going to find them in our current government regimes with their 'I've got mine' mentalities. The media has been dumbed down so far the headline is more likely to be about Paris Hilton's new purse than ongoing genocides. Stupid is sexy. Ignorance is the new black.

Disaffected, disenchanted, disengaged. We've become a planet of disappearing hope. And without that, it won't be global warming that will do us all in. It'll be the fact we don't give a damn about each other anymore.


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