October 15, 2006

Off Balance?

I like talking. That's nothing new to my family and friends - they've spent a lifetime trying to shut me up. But getting up and speaking in front of people was something I never, ever would have done, until I decided a couple of years ago that the time was right.

Of course finding people that wanted to hear what I had to say was another matter; like the writing, without an audience, it's pretty much just solitaire. If a tree falls in the forest...

I had fun yesterday. I started out nervous (I usually do)- I'm not an actor or politician. I ramble sometimes, I lose my place, I'm no natural with a microphone and I make faces. So what could possibly make the nerves worth it?

I got up on the stage yesterday, and looked out a group of people who were smiling at me. It was this very warm reception, and I realized it was like talking to a bunch of my friends. I mean, if people read my columns, they feel like they know me, and to a point they do. When I see them nodding and smiling at some of things I say, I realize I know them too.

So, to anyone who made it out yesterday, thank you. Thank you for laughing, and for making me laugh. It's wonderful to barge into your homes twice a week, but it's even nicer to see we really are so much alike.


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