October 16, 2006

Rocket Fuel

I'm sitting here too tired to work. A lost day means a working night - Power Shifts have to happen by Tuesday, Motherlodes by Thursday. The ideas have to be there a few days ahead of time. I've been pecking around Salon magazine, ordinarily one of my favourite sites.

A little pre-Halloween shopping means I'm sitting here popping nature's most tiny perfect candy into my mouth - Rockets. They're the only candy I like, and I get a little feral if the kids get into them.

Anyhoo, there's an article about Hillary Rodham Clinton that's just raising ire all over Salon. A couple of days ago it was Rachael Ray. The articles themselves are kind of neither here nor there - pretty much babble reporting. But the letters bleed out this hatred that seems to be based on, usually, gender. That's all.

I'm sure you couldn't get two women more different. Clinton, seemingly poised to take a run at the White House in '08, is battling endless years of front page acrobatics involving literally every single aspect of her life. I have to admit, there seems little left of the woman who I admired when her husband first became President. Now, she seems so busy trying to please everyone, she's alienating everyone. No one can play Whack-a-Mole that fast, or that well. There's always some ugly little bugger raising his head.

Ray, on the other hand, is a little fluff. Not a chef, but a family-oriented cook, she seems to be getting louder and more giddy every time she picks up a frying pan. She wasn't on my radar until earlier this year - she's kind of noisy and obnoxious, but so am I. I just figure you watch what you like, read what you want, and keep your judgments to yourself. Live and let live.

There are entire websites devoted to hating Ray. I'm not sure why - I missed the class on how kneecapping someone else could make me feel better. And interestingly, it's usually women who are harshest against their own. I'm not sure why they care about Rachael Ray.

It's not like she's running for President.


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