October 19, 2006

Seven Wonders

I loved this article. They're going to hold some kind of contest to announce the new Seven Wonders of the World. Of the original Ancient Wonders most of us memorized in school, only the Pyramids remain.

They've narrowed it down to 21, and the list is there. Get your kids to find them all, and pick your own seven. My favourite favourite favourite are the Easter Island Statues. Dunno about the Sydney Opera House so much - I like my Wonders to be kind of crumbly and more Old World wonderful. I think the Pyramids should get a buy to the finals, even though I was thoroughly disconcerted to hear years ago that it's the sewage from Cairo that's eating away at them. Ick.

So, get your keener kid to make a project out of it. And email me your results.


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