October 28, 2006

Time for a Change?

In honour of the subject of the clocks going back tonight, I'll own up to having been too damned tired to bother writing the past couple of days. Just, limp.

I'm embarking on the next venture - the movie business - and as details come together I'll keep you posted. But suffice to say I spent three hours standing in the rain on a movie set last night, watching incredibly dedicated, incredibly patient, and incredibly wet people doing all that is required for a scene that will run probably 60 seconds. Five hours of rehearsal and shooting. I thought boxing was tough. Did I mention the rain?

Daylight Savings is just, stupid. Stupid. I dread when we lose the hour ('spring ahead!), though I love when we gain it ('fall back!). Why can't we just do the fall back one over and over? People like me get a shot at extra sleep, people like me that need every chance for extra sleep they can get. The Onion cracked me up this week with this story - yeah, and now I've sent you over to The Onion, I'll have to wait for you to get back. Snarky little playground, that.

England does Daylight Savings as well, and some scientist from there reminds us that sleep makes us smarter. Which proves what we get told every spring, that more car accidents happen after the spring clock re-set. Lack of sleep also makes us cranky, which explains my general disposition.

Next year, to keep pace with the United States, we're doing the spring flip three weeks sooner. Do we have to do everything they do? Isn't a copy-cat foreign policy bad enough? No wonder al-Qaeda is threatening us with violence - they already know we're just secret Americans. I think it would be especially Canadian to stand our ground on something like the time change. So small, so polite, so quiet.

Actually, I prefer what Saskatchewan does. Just sticks its fingers in its ears and sings 'la la la la, I can't hear you' and never touches its clocks either way.

Them prairie folk might just be onto something.


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