October 8, 2006

War, No Roses

As with so many things, I'm of mixed emotions on our involvement in Afghanistan. You must think I have splinters in my ass from riding the fence on so many issues - I long for my younger years when everything was just so black and white. A little knowledge seems to come with a bucket of grey smoke.

Read this. It's a letter from a soldier in Iraq sent back to his friends and family in the US. It's from TIME magazine. I guarantee it will send shivers down your spine, tears down your cheeks, and make you smile. Unforgettable.

Politics aside, which is desperately hard to do, these kids are real. Bush has done a grave injustice to his own people by blacking out the return of these soldiers when they die. If a government can so readily send its youth out to die and be maimed, it must use just as much energy and fanfare in acknowledging their return - and their mission.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am conflicted about the two fronts - Afganistan & Iraq. My son was in the navy for 13 years from age 18 & he made a trip over in '91 ( Desert Storm) as an MP just to guard the aircraft while they changed soldiers. I attribute my first grey hairs to that time - can't imagine the mixed feelings of the wives & mothers of these brave "kids" today. We can't say enough prayers or give enough support to them foe laying it all on the line everyday. The letter was wonderful - so honest & true. Thanks again - amongst my many blessings I count my daily read of your unique insight. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. Sandie (the Avon lady)

October 09, 2006 8:21 AM  

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