October 3, 2006

Why The Girls?

I've been having interesting conversations this morning.

With the horrific news of yet another school shooting, this one in Pennsylvania, there are two distinct thought processes forming. I'm watching an evolution of woman-hating. And no, not in some Andrea Dworkin all-repression, all-the-time skipping record. The women I know feel the same thing.

The men I talk to think it's one or two crazy guys (just days ago, another bastard held hostage and molested 6 girls, ultimately murdering one), and while nearly unbearable to contemplate, not indicative of this misogynistic trend I find so evident. What kind of a coward walks into a school and murders innocents? What excuse for a man could kill a child? How could anyone kill someone, unprovoked, that they don't even know?

Could I kill? If my children were threatened, absolutely. If your children were threatened, I could kill. There are not many things I hold sacred, but protecting those that can't protect themselves is one of them. Someone is going to have to explain to me, in small, slow words, the threat these children presented to these men with guns. And especially these girl children. These incidents have been a methodical slaughter of girls.

There is a lawyer here in Hamilton I've been told of, who refuses to name the bastard that murdered 14 women at the Ecole Polytechnique back in 1989. Instead, he keeps the names of these sacrificed women prominently displayed in his office. Thank you. It is the names of these victims that need to be recorded and repeated, not that of the vicious coward who snuffed them out.

There are hateful, angry people out there. Many of them are men. I hear from them. I report some of them. You can find many of them trolling on mainstream message boards. I have no idea where this volcano of vitriol comes from. There are extremists in any faction, but blaming your shortcomings on an entire gender is not just baffling; it's terrifying. Maybe it was just too damned easy when men were automatically handed the keys to the kingdom by virtue of the fact of their genitals.

My father had all daughters. He was old-fashioned in most ways, but he taught me to move forward on merit. Expect no breaks based on gender, but accept no closed doors for the same reason. The lessons for my sons are much the same.

We are different, but we are equal. And no children should have to die because someone can't accept that.


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