October 7, 2006

With This Ring...

I'm going to hazard a guess that by 40 or so, if not sooner, you've probably survived (if not instigated) some relationship endings. This article in the NYT today is about Ebaying your way through a divorce - actually purging all reminders of that Time That Shall Not Be Referred To.

I actually do this even when friends are toast. I'm one of those people that puts up with a lot of crap, until I don't anymore. I had one friend betray me on a bigass level, so after we were done, I threw out every single thing she'd ever given me. We'd been close for 20 years. Anything that reminded me of her had to go. I wouldn't hand great stuff to other friends, because I considered it tainted. I'd give it to charity, but I tossed every note, photo, gift, everything.

No 'thing' will ever be valuable enough to me to be a constant reminder of something dark. The article talks about rich divorcees auctioning jewels at Southeby's - nice if you can get a little coin out of it. I've never been a jewellery girl - my engagement ring was my mother's so the vibe is still cool.

I read articles sometimes where a reporter has gone to Good Will or the Salvation Army and found some absolutely incredible finds. Exquisite clothing in new condition, artwork or accessories that are worth far more than their charity price tag.

Bet I know where a lot of that stuff came from - some karma-purging woman moving forward instead of back.


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