November 7, 2006

Band Culture

Aw. Boy George's former bandmates are all peeved that he's dissing them. I only have one question: What former bandmates?

Nobody remembers anyone but the singer. That should be tattooed on the forehead of every wannabe musician. Sorry kids, but the best you can hope for behind a Bono is to be The Guy With The Hat.

Oh, there have been a few exceptions, like with some of those hair guys (I think Bon Jovi Van Halen is the actual name of the whole band - they just perform at different times). But for the most part, unless you are suggestively holding that microphone, you're just another nameless strummer or drummer. That silly Rockstar show proved that - they just plug in musicians like Lego parts, and then spend weeks choosing a frontman who looks like he just fell out of his mama's makeup bag.

One of my favourite movies is Still Crazy. It's in the Spinal Tap genre, but it's a perfect hoot - a bunch of broken down moldy oldies reuniting for a tour twenty years on. Bill Nighy, Billy Connolly - go find it. It points out what I always thought - a bunch of guys dole out the instruments to fill the slots and form a band. The guy who can't play anything becomes the singer. The guy who can't play anything but is not so pretty becomes the drummer.

As for Boy George's Culture Clubmates, they should be happy they fooled most of the people most of the time for the year or two that they did. Sometimes it's over lads.
Leave the stage and go find your cars.


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