November 27, 2006

Emilio Estevez

I read a lot of movie reviews, though I'm not entirely sure why I bother. I pretty much despise going to the theatre because too many people can no longer discern between a public venue and their own living room. Maybe if people would turn off their cellphones, quit talking, take their feet off the furniture and try, try, try to last 90 minutes without eating something, I would reconsider.

These things are all unlikely, so I wait for video. As ticket sales seem to be falling, I'm obviously not alone in my feelings.

I was reading a review for Bobby. It's the 'star' packed extravaganza written and directed and starring Emilio Estevez. Forgive me, but this guy makes me twitch. The least talented of Martin Sheen's offspring (and that's reaching with a very short stick), he's been giving interviews for about a year now for this thing, and I'm ready to slap him. I remember him from the Brat Pack movies of my youth (we're about the same age) and if he was unbearable as a teenager, he's done that Hollywood morphing into an even more unbearable adult. He cries; he gets all serious, but he seems like a complete twit.

He's assembled all this high power star power for Bobby. Sharon Stone. Blech. I don't think there is an actress that turns me off more than Sharon Stone. Can't explain it. I like, or am at least ambivalent about, most actors. Not her. Demi Moore. More blech, though not so viceral. She's just boring. Her teenybopper husband Ashton Kutcher. I can't feel all turned on by someone who still uses Oxypads.

They let Bobby Kennedy play himself; hey, if it was good enough for Good Night and Good Luck, why shouldn't it be good enough for this one? By the way, GN&GL was one of the best movies of the year. Easily.

Estevez is giving interviews talking about his exile from the Hollywood lists of Who Matters. He talks about being shunned and ignored despite all his talent. I hate to break it to him, but you can do everything short of murder (and even then, they'll review each case individually) and that town will forgive you and plunk you in a movie IF YOU HAVE ANY TALENT. And often if you don't.

So, I'm sure I shouldn't knock it until I've seen it, but it's a rental for sure. All the vintage footage of Bobby Kennedy is available elsewhere, so I may just opt to go directly to the source and see it unfiltered through the wide open vistas that no doubt make up Emilio's brain.

Just, for the love of everything that matters, tell Emilio to quit whining and weeping.


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