November 24, 2006

'A Face Like Runny Cheese'

If you're going to slam someone, there is no better nationality to be than British. Such a fabulous way with the words they invented.

I like The Independent - and not only because Rupert Murdoch doesn't own it (see: Murdoch, Simpson, O.J., butthead judgement). But as always, I'm wandering.

The Independent put up a list of the 50 Most Uncool People, and it's a hoot. You may not know all of them - but you're sure going to know most of them. The part I like best isn't who they bestowed the honour on, it's how they did it. My blog title is how they described David Cameron, who is apparently some toffee-nosed politician who I guess represents someone, though surely not the majority.

Sandi Toksvig, another I'm not familiar with, but is apparently 'the love child of Bilbo Baggins and an Ewok', so of course I had to look her up and find this. Actually, it took ages to even find a photo. She didn't seem that horrifying, but apparently works mostly in comedy.

They call Paris Hilton, Paris Travelodge. Snerk. James Blunt 'sounds like a girl, dresses like a tramp'. That's about right. It's a fun list, if only to let others jab away for you. North Americans are so politically correct they wouldn't dare think half of what many British sources publish every day.

My favourite links.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

two of my favs,

"a face like a fried sneaker"


"a face like a frozen mukaluk"

of course he/she "looks like he/she's been kissing headlights on the M1" is a passable laff ...

November 24, 2006 8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with their pick of Jamie Oliver. He can be a bit annoying, but thank God he exposed what those poor english children are being raised on. None of them know what a vegetable is. But, then again, there wouldn't be the show "Honey, we're killing the kids" if it wasn't for those British Gastronomes. (is that a word?)

November 25, 2006 7:53 PM  

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