November 20, 2006

I Want To Care...

...but I just don't. I don't care when celebrities get married and unmarried. I don't care whose precious seed they carry, I don't care if they get caught - again - not wearing any undies. Come to think of it, after the first time, I'm thinking it's pretty accidentally-on-purpose that Lindsay Lohan is flashing the world. But it's entirely on purpose that the world is looking.

We're a rather creepy culture, when you think about it. We want to see pictures of dead celebrities, live celebrities, celebrities all dressed up and celebrities not dressed at all. We make celebrities out of people who aren't celebrities, and we cheer when they fall down, then buy their books that document their climb back up. We're idiots.

If you don't watch The Office (Steve Carroll version), well, you should. Last week, Kelly, a little flippy office girl, rushes up to a newly- returned Jim. She is gushing that Tom and Katie had a baby named Suri, and that Brad and Angelina had a baby named Shiloh...Jim asks her what's new in HER life. She looks at him blankly and says "I just told you."

Ain't that it in a nutshell, as my mother would have said.


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