November 8, 2006

It's a Rap

My sister asked if I was going to blog today on the horrifying, crapalicious soap opera that is Britney Spears and that greaseball she married and spawned with.

I told her I was really leaning toward that other horrifying, crapalcicious soap opera that is the greaseball Republicans in the U.S. Luckily for me, Slate has handily combined the two in a nice little package. Troy Patters' description of 'party' is a scream.

For those of you who consider CNN an important source of your news information, you really need to stand back, take a deep breath, shrug off the denial and say aloud: "They called Britney Spears filing for a divorce 'breaking news', in the midst of a national election that will see the House and Senate change hands". Now, say it again. If you are feeling faint, sit down.

Politicians, for all their foibles, stumbles, affairs and questionable text-messaging, are elected officials who must be on our radar. We only have municipal elections going in Ontario right now, which means if someone is having carnal knowledge of a sheep, they might live right on your street. The impact isn't nationwide, but it's certainly more fun. The thing is these people whom everyone is watching act as if nobody is watching them. They actually believe no one will care. Huh?

Then you have those who are on my radar for no other reason than the media has invented them and stuffed them into magazine racks and headlines. Britney Spears is of no consequence to me; her husband even less. So why on earth are these people living as if everyone is not only watching them, but that anyone could possibly care? Read this surreal 'interview' with Britney's dork of a husband. He totally believes that everyone cares what he does. I'm ashamed to say it came from Salon today, one of my favourite sites that is losing traction way too often lately.

Actually, reading the two pieces, I'm starting to put a couple of things together, and having a very dark thought.

Kevin Federline for President.


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