November 29, 2006

I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up!

In a scathing post that I hope will never come back to bite me in the arse, I would like to pontificate for awhile on People Who Do Stupid Sports, And The Idiot Taxpayers That Get Left With The Bill.

The most recent one is noted here, in some around the world yacht race between Richie Rich and friends. Granted, they've been saving each other and are limping into port, but you know if they yell for help, coastguards will be dispatched pronto.

I have a problem with people that intentionally ski in avalanche zones and trigger avalanches; I have a problem with people that go mountain climbing ill-equipped and get stranded; I have a problem with any crazy extreme sports person that throws caution and brains to the wind, and ends up clutching a cell phone and sobbing for help.

I know there are many places in the States now that, if someone insists on hiking/climbing, they have to post a bond first to pay for their own rescue. Makes sense to me. Rescue operations are for people that find themselves in trouble, not those that go looking for it.

I realize you can't draw a line anywhere when it comes to personal responsibility. We don't have any. Smokers sue tobacco companies, obese people sue McDonalds, and my personal favourite - the woman who sued her doctor because she experienced pain during labour. No, really? I realize I'm not posting all the details here - I can't dig them up, though I've tried - I think it was about ten years ago. I do recall a quote saying 'he promised me no pain'. Men have promised me a lot of things - and 'no pain' is the only thing I know they are consistently lying about.

It's all just another chapter from that bestseller, Common Sense Isn't.


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