November 13, 2006

Oh No Henry

I read in the Spec this morning that Hershey has had to recall a load of chocolate bars that may have salmonella. My heart clutched. It is just two weeks past Halloween, and the best chocolate consuming time of the year has barely had the curtain dropped on it.

I furiously read the piece, looking for the affected candy. I had to flip to the Toronto Star to get the rest of the story - the most important rest of the story. "Halloween candy is not affected".

My heart resumed its normal rhythm. Only Jackson trick-or-treats these days, and he's not particularily greedy in his haul. Marc used to strip the neighbourhood of its treats like a rabbit making its way through my garden. Jackson is more into his costume, and running around after dark with his friends.

The result is that I have to send Brad to Shoppers to pretend he's buying marked down junk for lunches. Or himself. Or the cats. Anyone but me.

We sit around with bags of junk in front of the television, grading merits of one candy over another. I have a fondness for red licorce. After the 20th bag of Nibs, my fondness diminishes somewhat. Brad was tossing back little O Henry's the other night, as we debated just how many of those little nothings it would take to make up a regulation size bar. Jackson guessed 4. I said 47. And kept eating.

As I sit working, I eat those little Rockets. They're nasty. They're addictive. I don't even have a sweet tooth. Then again after this week, I probably won't have any teeth.

With this recall, at least now when the everyone says they're not feeling so good, I'll tell them they've been poisoned, and to quit eating the bad, bad chocolate.

And then go and hide it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once ate so many nibs I felt like I'd eaten a plastic bag by the end of it.

November 14, 2006 8:32 AM  

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