November 16, 2006

Sarah's Bears

The Burlington Cougars hockey team will play this Friday night at Central Arena on Drury Lane in Burlington at 7:30.

At that game, teddy bears will be collected for our soldiers wounded in Afghanistan. This is after 4-year-old Sarah Vaan Holt decided something was needed to make sure they wouldn't be scared at night.

For more information, please contact Glen McDonald at The McDonald's son is currently serving our country at this difficult time.

These kids need to know we give a damn, and Sarah's right. We need to do something to make sure they are a little less afraid at night.


Blogger commodore said...

Thanks for the plug on the "Sarah's teddy bears". We at the Cougars organization are in support of our fan Glen McDonald and his family in this endeavour. The game is actually on the Friday evening at Central Arena on Drury Lane and as a Burlington citizen we would love to have you come to the game and support the local team. M. Moir

November 16, 2006 9:09 AM  

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