November 15, 2006

That's a Wrap

Just got in from the last day on the set of All Hat. Shooting will end tonight, but my deadlines for the Toronto Star and the Hamilton Spectator are tomorrow, so I scooted early.

I'll be writing some additional stuff here over the weekend - it's been a total blast watching a film get made. Who knew?

Check both papers on Saturday, if all goes according to plan they'll be running the features, or I'll be linking them here. I ended up with a background role after being denied my moment in the spotlight due to union hassles. Don't think my nerves could have stood it anyway - watching all these actors made me want to be a writer more than ever.

There has been much to bitch about this week, and I've missing doing so. The elections were a huge letdown locally, though the U.S. ones have put a smile on my face. If you're bored, read Garrison Keillor today in Salon - spot on, as usual.


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