December 6, 2006

Children's Non-Aid

Wasted tax dollars is not shocking. It's barely news. But discovering just how much gluttony exists in our Child Protective Services sector is vicious. Rosie DiManno does a good job of nailing it here. Read the 'defense' position of Carolyn Buck, the Toronto Children's Aid top exec here. I know I'd need 158K a year and an SUV and personal trainer to rescue kids in need. Oh wait, they don't usually bother. Do I really need to link all the stories we read consistently? The only time we hear from these people is at the autopsies of the kids they ignore.

Let me throw out a whole bunch of challengable thoughts here. Get as angry as you like, at least you'll be thinking about them. Most of the kids who are at risk are in impoverished situations. Maybe immigrants, maybe single parents, maybe the offspring of the dregs. We don't give a crap about the parents, so it's hard to give a damn about the kids. "You shouldn't have kids you can't afford to take care of". "Teenagers have no business having babies". "You made your bed, now lie in it". "What do you expect from those kind of people?". "These people expect government to pay for everything".

Go and hate on the parents all you like. But get your head out of your ass if you think children aren't owed something decent. Do you really believe you are only responsible for your own? If for nothing more noble, at least be angry that so many of your tax dollars are being flushed away on resort vacations and car detailing while children are being left in dire straights, and sometimes killed.

I have a question. Why do we have a Children's Aid Society and a Catholic Children's Aid Society? I don't agree with two school boards either. Neither issue is about religion. I know families of many religions who pay to educate their children outside of school. Why the wasted double administrations? Why is being Catholic more special than being Jewish or Muslim? I say educate the kids and leave religion to the parents or church. Period.

Same with the CAS. Resources are being wasted, sometimes criminally if my reading this morning is leading me anywhere, and still we're running on this archaic, quaint notion that a duplication of bureaucrats is actually going to help anyone? I've seen who they help - themselves.

Social workers are underpaid and pushed to burn out daily. It's a brutal profession, usually entered by people who want to make a difference, who end up leaving when they realize they can only swim upstream for so long before they drown.

These reports today show how much we value our children. And believe me, they are all of our children. We can only be judged as a society by how well we treat the weakest among us. Not an original idea, I know. But how can anyone who heads an agency that deals with the most fragile dare start to explain her indulgences with a sentence about keeping good people in such a disagreeable job requires some perks?

Get out.


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