December 11, 2006

Gwendolyn Landolt (Name's Half Right)

It's a drag when your day starts at 3am. It's a drag when you're peeking out the blinds, waiting for the paperman to come. Remember when it used to be a paperboy?

So, as if 3am isn't a stupid enough time to be up for no reason, how do you think I felt when that long-awaited paper delivered a steaming pile of opinion that goes like this? Apparently there is something called REAL Women of Canada. The author of the piece is the National Vice President. Now, please don't think this group is representative of any REAL women I know. They didn't even call me to join up.

It's the usual goulash of malleable statistics insisting that same-sex marriage is detrimental to our communities, our children, and no doubt our midnight madness shopping sales. Yeah, that's how irrelevant it all is.

And poor put-upon Gwendolyn Landolt, the REAL woman who birthed this nonsense, feels all twisty that nobody is allowed to say they're against same-sex marriage. In a really beautiful tango that hauls in religion to government offices, because, you know, everyone knows that's where THAT belongs, she asserts her ferocious belief that same-sex unions are bad. Bad, I tell you.

I say, Gwendolyn? None of your damned business. Are you seriously going to try and make me believe that if Billy has two moms he will turn out poorly? Only if Billy has two moms - who are crackheads.

How about a little of that righteous indignation for those lucky kids raised by a mom and dad - who beat the crap out of each other in front of them? That better for you? And read through this whole diatribe. My favourite 'fact' is that sexual faithfulness is not required in same-sex relationships. I just want to follow this woman around with a bucket to catch her 'facts' as they fall out.

This country, and indeed this planet, could use more people who would join strengths for worthy causes. We could use more people who give a damn about something other than getting their hands on a new video game system, or who the Trashy Triplets are flashing their cooters at this week.

But Gwendolyn? Wrong issue. You think a referendum is 'clearly required' on this issue. I think a referendum is 'clearly required' on how you can dare to call yourself part of the administration of some association that pretends to speak for REAL Women. No REAL woman I know would support something so intolerant, so judgemental and so unkind. Let your children or grandchildren know that if they are gay, they will find a sympathic ear in my kitchen. They obviously won't find one in yours.

You aren't being ignored because you're being muzzled. You're being ignored because you deserve to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved it, I'm just finishing of a critique of Landolt's diatribes. Because it's an academic paper I couldn't say as frankly as you, but the sentiment is the same. What a moron? No, not even closely, she is effective and very dangerous. So far she "knackered" status of Women and gave us the $100.00 per child slap in the face! And those were the mainstream stuff!!!

July 10, 2007 2:22 AM  

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