December 12, 2006

Oh Say Can't You See...

Texas is going to help its blind hunters.

Ah, sometimes, the comments just write themselves. But I'll wade in nonetheless. From the land that gave us Dubya, we now get not only a gun in every house, but one in every blind person's hands as well. They are proposing letting blind hunters use laser sights to make hunting more fair. They didn't mention what they've proposed to make it more fair for the game.

Apparently, blind hunters in this great state are already allowed to hunt if they take along a seeing eye hunter. But they think it would be more productive if the guns now had laser sights on them. Why not let 'em just drive to the hunting site as well?

I don't agree with hunting for sport. Everyone has limits on the activities they can partake in, whether they are hampered by size, age, access or money. Suck it up.

The most blind man in Texas is already running that country.


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