December 9, 2006

Playing Dress Up

Okay, THIS is why women fall down in the cred department. Apparently at some White House Christmas shindig, FOUR women, including the First Lady, all wore the same $8,500 dress.

First, shame on you all for laying out that kind of money on a damned dress. There's a war going on. Kids in your own town aren't going to see Santa. And you've gone and handed over $8,500 for a dress that SOME high end boutique had the audacity to sell to four of you? In most towns, that would be a hanging offence. Apparently Laura Bush had to scamper off to change. If I'd forked out that kind of money for a dress, the only thing I'd have left to change into would be my bathrobe.

I wonder how many of the men wore the same suit? What's that? You don't know, because who would notice, and WHO WOULD CARE? Exactly. Apparently George Clooney just wears the same tux over and over. I don't mind.

I like fashion. I used to like it more, when I had less on my mind. I used to like it more before I realized there are far more important issues in the world, in this country and right here in my community than if my jeans cost $300.

I remember when I was a kid and I'd see all those big Christmas trees in department stores, and at the Santa display. There would be all these presents around them, and my mom patiently explained that they just wrapped-up empty boxes. For show.

Empty boxes wrapped up pretty.

You want me to take you seriously? Be more than an ornament. Read more than you shop. Pose questions, instead of, well, just posing. Take an interest in the world you live in, and the future of it beyond the next sale. We have some critical issues before us, and if you give a damn about your kids and your grandkids, you're going to have to start changing your mindset. What do you wear to the falling of an ice shelf?

You really could be all dressed up with no place to go.


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