January 19, 2007

Cam & Julian

When Julian Fantino was made head of the OPP, I developed some cautious optimism that squeaky voice aside, maybe, just maybe, someone with some cajones would be heading in to deal with the mess that is Caledonia.

Uhm, nope. More photo op than useful cop, the situation remains the same. SNAFU, anyone?

But today, I am thrilled to learn that Mr. Fantino IS taking some decisive steps to return law and order to Ontario. He is silencing that renegade threat to our highways and byway, Cam Woolley. You know, that guy that shows up on the traffic reports (especially on long weekends) relating who was having carnal knowledge of whom as they sailed down the 401 at 200 miles an hour. Call me crass, but I like hearing about the people that wire their cars together with coat hangers and try to convince the cops they've passed a Safety.

Cam is the guy that everyone tolerates at their workplace, the doofus who seems to have absolutely no sense of how dorky he comes off, and probably wouldn't care if he did know. Read the link if you want a refresher on some of his more useful traffic reports.

Cam admits that being the 'face' of the OPP was never in his official job description (how could you ever capture his particular je nais ce quoi in a job description?), and has no problem getting back to the business of being a license-and-registration-please cop.

But forget Cam not minding. I mind. Someone should tell Fantino that we, the public, have no problem with the police being represented with a warmer side. Think Elmer the Safety Elephant.

Save your bullets, Fantino, for the things that really matter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been away and just catching up on your blog. Where's Cam going? Certainly Citypulse will give me a job? I liked him. He was a normal part of Sunday-Nite-traffic-from-the-cottage.

January 23, 2007 8:59 AM  

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