January 2, 2007

CHML900 Jamie West

I'll be on with Jamie this morning from 11 until noon. Now, this used to be a lot of fun to do. Go to the studio, talk nonsense, banter, chatter, fun, fun, fun.

Then they went and hooked up the radio station with the cable 14 TV thing. Now, I have to shower and wear real clothes, and all the fun of radio is disappearing. Writers are made for radio. We dress like slobs, we pretend its all about the 'craft' (snicker - its all about meeting deadlines), and we give much credence to the old adage that someone has a face for radio.

But tune in anyway - its a slow-moving January 2nd, so we'll be making it up as we go along. But do me a favour, and flick on your radio instead of your television...


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