January 28, 2007

Et al

What do you do when you're supposed to be working and are totally devoid of inspiration? Well, I do laundry, and watch obscure channels on the little TV in the kitchen. I just finished watching a show about a freakazoid family that has 15 kids.

Oh please. If the good lord wanted me to go forth and multiply, he would have never have created morning sickness or divorce. Contrary to the old chestnut from the 80s (eight was certainly more than enough), two is plenty. I just watched a woman with 14 kids, while pregnant with the next and talking about the 16th, move into a house the size of a mausoleum with a tribe of little kids all dressed the same. It's like living with a couple of soccer teams, and every day is your orange day.

If you've never had a kid in soccer, they make you be orange parent one day on the schedule. That means on your allotted day, you're supposed to bring oranges for the whole team. Of course, that means that some hyped up mommy or daddy always raised the bar and puts out a buffet. Cutting up the oranges was never beyond me, but hauling a parade of coolers out of my van and providing watermelon, orange slices, Gatorade and a marching band? Nah, not going to play.

I guess if you can support them, have all the kids you like. Though with all the lingering camera shots on the Frigidaire appliances and trucks emblazoned with Sears, I'm thinking this whole living-on-camera thing is the purported way mommy and daddy came up with to support the brood.

Before the end, I ran out of patience with the merry procreators and flipped over to 30 Rock. Dunno if you've caught this show, but I love that they put it on on a Sunday afternoon. Alec Baldwin is worth his considerable weight in gold, and I'm glad it's only taken him 25 years to find his acting niche. I remember watching him fly off a roof to his demise in Knots Landing when I was a youngster, and thinking then 'hmmmm. This lad has potential.' Took him long enough. He may be a control freak nutter in real life (though reading divorce proceedings against Kim Basinger is truly an exercise in nuttiness itself) but I adore him in this show.

I'm actually taking a time out from reading article after article about Hillary Clinton. A truly depressing piece in the Washington Post about women voters has left me pounding my head on my keyboard in frustration. I'll link it later - laundry is less depressing, if that's possible.


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