January 18, 2007

Factor This

I don't think I've ever bothered bashing Bill O'Reilly because, well, it's just too easy. I welcome many opinions in my home, but if anyone starts quoting this idiot, they're out the door with their shoes pitched at the back of their head.

But today, today is different. Read this. He believes that Shawn Horbeck, kidnapped at age 11 in Missouri and recently recovered, stayed for 4 years with his captor - because he wanted to.

Apparently being stolen at gunpoint by a (let's face it, it'll come out eventually, unfortunately) pedophile is fun for kids. Fun enough to make them think 'hey, you won't make me go to school? Heck, I'll do all that other stuff if you let me play video games all day'.

O'Reilly is pretty much the sickest kind of monster I can think of. Blaming a child. Speaking out of his ass on something so important and so terrifying and doing it as casually as this. Has he no concept of the damage here? Has he no idea of the human capactity to survive, and the cost at the other end? Police are investigating similar disappearances of children in the area, who, I guess under O'Reilly's reasoning, maybe didn't like it with this freak and ran away.

And I guess they're still running, looking for new parents who don't make them go to school.


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