January 11, 2007

Legislating Common Sense?

Further to my recent thumping on those who get themselves lost, whether by misadventure or design, and then require rescues on the county tab, this article in Salon today makes some very relevant points about the recent death of James Kim.

Kim and his wife went off-road in November in strange terrain in southwest Oregon. She stayed in the car with their two young daughters and lived; he went for help and died.

With the recent loss of three hikers on Mount Hood following close on the heels of that tragedy, questions of responsibility can't be avoided. Apparently, Kim's father believes his son isn't to blame.

Dad would be wrong. He wants all sorts of legislative changes. I understand he's speaking through his grief, and I feel for the man. But surely we're all capable of establishing where personal responsibility begins? Read this article from Salon - if you follow the timeline, it's hard not to start shaking your head. And of course, the mom in me is screaming at the monitor "and with your BABIES in your car?".

Mr. Kim Sr. owes those heroic rescuers an apology.

I've written in the past that parents are fools if they believe a cellphone will make their child safe from harm. I think anyone that believes a cellphone is a superhero cape is a fool. They are tools, to be used in conjunction with education, planning and a great deal of common sense. A cell phone was the only backup tool the Kims had. It wasn't enough.

I've never met Mrs. Kim, and I doubt I ever will. But I know we are fundamentally different people. If I had been sitting in that car with a nursing baby and a four-year-old, by husband wouldn't have gotten 1 mile off track before he would have been told calmly, but firmly, to turn that damned car around. Man-ego is one thing - child safety is another.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You’re a moron.

This family was doing the best they could under very difficult circumstances. They were using a respected road atlas, they were following marked roads in that atlas and, in worsening weather conditions, a wrong turn was made.

Sitting at your desk, it’s damn easy to post pedestrian comments about what YOU would have done “... my husband wouldn't have gotten 1 mile off track before he would have been told calmly, but firmly, to turn that damned car around.” You have no idea what transpired between husband and wife on that tragic day.

Still, you trivialize this person’s death and the impact it has on his surviving family by chalking it up to ‘man-ego’ without an inkling of understanding or the facts to support your assertion. It is a pathetic statement, but it speaks volumes about the lengths you’ll go to make your sad point.

Unless you were there, perhaps you should let your perpetual fog of misandry clear before posting your assumptions about someone’s actions.

January 11, 2007 11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who pooped in his cornflakes? I think you make several valid points. Read the Salon comments after the article. He must be a relative.

January 23, 2007 9:01 AM  

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