January 12, 2007

Royal Botanical Gardens

I'm furiously writing away for a talk I'm giving at a show at the RBG tomorrow (1pm, come on down!). My kids don't understand how something that condenses down to 4 or 5 pages takes 3 weeks to compose - mostly in my head.

I spoke to a victim assistance group associated with the OPP on Tuesday, and filed my regular columns. The topics have been all over the place, so my brain is no doubt resembling a midway after the carnival has left town.

My blogs have been erratic, and don't even ask the family what dinner has looked like this week. But new archives are up, and I'm going to start putting up some archived Power Shifts under a new category, 'Overdrive', when I can.

I'll probably check in later when I get to the papers - though I'm still assimilating that tear running down Dubya's face on the cover today. Only took 3,014 American deaths to finally get that....


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