January 15, 2007

Schools Open, Excuses Running

Well, winter finally got here. I know it set in earnestly at about 2:30 this morning, because I woke up with a wumping migraine which could only mean rain. Freezing rain, it turned out.

I bogged back down under the covers with an ice pack and a rather large dose of something or other, and shivered under flannel sheets. Sleep never returned, and as I was, as usual, about to drift back off the alarm went off. I seriously considered just yelling to Marc, 15, that maybe he should just stay home today. It sounded fierce outside.

I looked out the blind. I could still see grass. Not so fierce. Jackson, 12, was at his Dad's. The phone rang at 7:30 this morning. Jackson wanted to know if it was a snow day. "Nah, can't be," I replied. "Everyone has gone to work.". "I have the TV on, maybe the school's closed," he said hopefully.

I turned the TV on. "Nope. It says Halton School Board, schools open," I told him. "But it says the buses aren't running," he replied. "You don't take the bus."
"But right after that, it says 'schools closed'," he pushed. "Jackson, it says HALDIMAND schools are closed. You know the difference." There was a pause. "How far away are Haldimand schools?"

Dashing all his hopes, I told him that Haldimand was a million miles away from here. Well, it's not, but it might as well be. He was going to school.

Marc ambled down the stairs a few minutes later.

"You think the school is closed?" he asked.


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