February 23, 2007

Blame Game

While I'm certainly guilty of some indulgent navel-gazing on too many occasions, I comfort myself with the fact that I'm fully aware I'm thinking in tiny little circles. Sometimes.

There is a terrific piece in The Guardian today, a Brit paper that sums up the North American problem quite nicely. Or, at least the problem I'm feeling more and more often of late. We've become a nation that procrastinates from cradle to grave - nothing seems to matter anymore. There aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with all the really important things we need to consider because we're too busy keeping track of the stupid things. What Tom Cruise is doing, which star is in crisis, how big the neighbour's TV is.

The writer of the piece, David Thompson, is spot on in wondering how a war can be going on, and we care more about what everyone will wear to the Oscars. He saves a special whumping for the incredible way our leaders now get away with, well, murder. No more accountability. By anyone, for anything. Read it. It's really a great piece.


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