February 7, 2007

The Dog Ate My Homework

I'm not sure why this is buried deep in the front section of my paper this morning, but I'm livid. It seems one of our esteemed members of parliament went on a rather important trip to the Middle East in September. You know, that incredibly delicate region of the world. Wajid Khan, the Member for Mississauga-Streetsville, was handpicked by PM Harper for the mission, even though Kahn was a Liberal.

Note I said was. Now he's not. He's another floor-crossing denizen (voters? what voters?) in a recent trend that has made party-changing the new black.

Khan supposedly filed a report after the $13,000 trip. Well, yeah, as he should. This is a fairly important mission in terms of Foreign Affairs, one would think.

Think again. There is no report. Apparently. They can't find it. Or rather, 'it doesn't exist'. Huh? When he took this role, he promised his findings 'would be shared with MPs from all parties'. As it should be. Except now Harper has since said it must remain confidential. But I thought it didn't exist.

I don't care what party Khan represents. Evidently he doesn't care much either. But this is absolutely an abuse of power, and an absolute corruption of the process.

The least they could do is pick a lie and stick with it, or we're in danger of actually being as stupid as they think we are.


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