February 8, 2007


I was going to leave this alone. It's just too easy, but it keeps coming back.

A wee town in Quebec, Herouxville, has declared a kind of autocratic constitution apart from the rest of Canada. They have drawn up a list of rules for living in their town. It contains things like you may not stone women, or set them on fire, or wear any face coverings except on Halloween. You get the picture.

This town of 1300 sounds like it could use a little fresh blood, if you ask me. They are basically setting to bar any immigrants who don't meet their high, high standards, apparently such as a basic IQ about 12. They have brought new meaning to the term pur laine, that old Quebec saying (pure wool) denoting old line, unblemished Quebec stock.

Ah, racism at its finest. Why is it always the idiots who hold this up as the ideal, though? Read the article linked. The councillor who proposed the idea, and who is vociferously standing behind it, has proudly declared that his motion has openly stated what the whole world already feels. In fact, he believes his efforts have merely reflected the mindset of most. His quote? "What we did seems to have pulverized the planet."

Pulverized the planet? Surely this racist creep means 'polarized'. But forget the planet. If all the inhabitants of this nasty little place are actually in agreement with this doctrine, perhaps we could just pulverize Herouxville.

This is vile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah. Just leave them alone and they can inter-breed themselves into oblivion.

February 09, 2007 10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here, here. That sounds like a plan!

February 09, 2007 2:17 PM  

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