February 6, 2007

Jakarta Tango

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Jakarta's Health Ministry needs a punch in the head.

Indonesia has suffered more human deaths from H5N1, the deadly bird flu, than any other country. They've confirmed two more deaths in this report. With time being of the essence in trying to race for a vaccine, they have promptly shared all data with labs desperately trying to contain this virus, right? Nope. Get this quote from their ministry spokeswoman: "We can't share samples for free. There should be rules of the game for it."

Rules of the game. Game? Have I missed something? They don't want some other country getting all the credit and money for solving the vaccine puzzle. What is this, Amazing Race or something? I mean, it's not like anyone's dying or anything. It's not like this posturing could cause major death and destruction globally. She says its got nothing to do with the future pandemic, it's just - just - about bird to human transmission. Duh.

I'm thinking if you're leading the stats, and not in a good way, with bird flu deaths, you should be a little more ready to hand off the pass to a stronger player.


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