February 6, 2007

Out of this World?

I used to be amazed at the strenuous testing NASA put its astronauts through. I never coveted a seat on a rocket, because I knew I could never bothered to be as fit and fabulous as the endeavour would require me to be.

We hold these men and women up as heroes; read this piece in the NYT and see if perhaps they've been neglecting some very important testing.

Some nutter astronaut has been charged with attempted kidnapping; seems she (yeah, thanks for that, sweetheart - our team really needs the bad press) believed another woman was a rival for some shuttle captain's affections, and so, because it makes perfect sense, she set out to kidnap her.

All that NASA prep work came in handy, it would appear. Dressed in a wig, Lisa Nowak wore her diapers on the 900 mile trip so she wouldn't have to stop. This is something they learn at astronaut school for launch-type things. Though she later told police she only wanted to 'talk' to the woman, she had with her the following conversation starters: rubber hose, a BB gun, a steel mallet, a knife, pepper spray and garbage bags.

The kicker is that Crazy Broad and the object of her affections didn't even have a relationship. She was married with kids. Wouldn't you love to find yourself trapped in a flying tin can with this pride of the U.S. Navy?

Methinks that NASA maybe skipped one very important test.


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