February 3, 2007

True Love

Jim Coyle in the Star is great today. A little pre-Valentine's warmup, from two very different angles. He delves into the only remotely appealing thing about Conrad Black - his love for his icy wife - and the pile-up that is the marriage of Tie Domi.

I guess it's not such a unique observation - that when it's good, it's very, very good, and when it's bad, it's appalling - but it's still fun to strap the two extremes together.

If the Black marriage survives his current troubles (to understate it) I will be awed that Mrs. Black's love is as boundless as her extravagance. Oh, who am I kidding. They both make me barf.

On the other hand, Coyle touches on a much more common scenario - the wronged wife determined to throw around so much poop, she becomes deaf to the fact that you can't help but get some on yourself. Tie Domi and his estranged wife, Leanne, have given us all a ring-side seat to the hate-fest. Idiots.

Somebody should have told Mrs. Hockey Player that if you trade in your identity to be a Mrs. Anything, there is a cost. She's discovering what it is. She's hellbent on bleeding the little troll dry, and taking no prisoners on the way down. I have some advice for her: get over it. Go get a job, start becoming something other than the wronged wife of some hockey player, and move on. Until she develops some self-esteem by establishing herself as something other then the ex-wife of Tie Domi and mother of Tie Domi's kids, she's going to stay bitter and be a lousy representative of women to her children. She admitted in court he'd fooled around - a lot. So - what made you think he would change if you put up with his crap every time? Their father is a lousy role model. You need to be a good one.

These poor kids are getting treated like backpacks kicked down the length of a school bus. Will someone tell these bickering morons that it's not about them? And will someone tell the Domi brothers (Domii?) to please, disappear off our radar and go away.

The funny part is that no matter how scared or scarred, we all go on to do it again and again and again. Optimism that comes with its own anesthetic - love.


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