February 17, 2007

Welcome New Power Shifters!

I know. You just read WHAT in the auto section?

Welcome to my world. Yeah, it's a little different. Some of us just put the key in and turn, and that's pretty much what Power Shift is about. The good news is that those people can read something they understand, and the motorheads among you can laugh at us.

If you hit the Power Shift link to the left and scoot to the bottom, you can read some of the archived columns, if you're so inclined. Some weeks it's information you need to have, other weeks it's a little more random. I hope you'll stay on board.

If you're noodling around my site, you'll see my first column, Motherlode. Don't let the name fool you - I've got a couple of kids, but it's about life in general and you needn't be a parent, or a woman, to find something in there.

The idea is to get a blog out every day, because we don't have enough of those in the world. It's more a navel-gazing running commentary on what I find interesting, which can be dreadfully boring or provide some links you might have missed. You never know.

I hope you'll stay, and I hope you'll keep reading Power Shift.

Oh, and the boxing pic on the cover? Click on the Pain Diaries. The gloves were for real. Almost.


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