March 23, 2007

Brace Yourself

Jackson, 12, has been home for a couple of days. He had to have 4 teeth pulled in preparation for his braces, which will be going on in a couple of weeks. He's got my big Chicklet teeth in his tiny little jaw. I had the same thing done at his age, but somehow knowing I withstood it doesn't take away any of the mom-pain I feel when either of my kids undergoes something like this.

As we left the dental office, he was skipping along, his little chipmunk cheeks stuffed with gauze. As they'd released him from the chair, the assistant told me they'd given him some laughing gas, but it was now out of his system. Sure. My kid was higher than a kite, and as happy as a puppy rolling in the mud. Jackson is my sometimes moody, always droll quiet kid. This jabbering little nutjob in the passenger seat was not my kid.

He spent the rest of the day eating scrambled eggs, strawberry and banana smoothies and making faces at himself in the mirror. As the freezing wore off, the pain set in and trying to whistle wasn't as much fun as it had been.

He'd been told to gargle with salt water; I heard a gagging from the bathroom, and ventured in to see him spitting and grimacing. He'd put about half a cup of sea salt into a dixie cup of water. I told him to gently brush his teeth. "Which ones?" he asked. "The one's in the envelope. Whaddya think?" I replied.

When I told him he had to go back to school, he announced that he couldn't eat properly, and therefore couldn't return. As I told him I'd send him with pasta in his thermos, I noticed that he was eating nacho chips.

He's out of pain and back to normal. He's told anyone who will listen that he's been stoned on laughing gas. I am thankful that his braces go on at the same time his brother's come off, and I'm sure the orthodontist will be pleased there will be no hiccup in the Mercedes payments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ACK! I dread the 7 yr old has her two front teeth both so loose it is nauseating to watch...and reading about your son reminded me (against my will) that I soon must book my 4 wisdoms for yanking............scared of sedation but rethinking it...easy vacation from my kids!

March 23, 2007 10:01 PM  

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