March 15, 2007

Brad Smith

Are you sick of forking out too many bucks for books that just aren't worth it?

How about if I can guarantee you a read that both you and whoever sleeps next to you will both enjoy?

Brad Smith's latest, Big Man Coming Down the Road, is in the stores now. Go buy it. It's funny, it's smart, and it's a great ride. It's still got some horses in it (this is Smith, after all) but this time the dirt-kicking, wise-ass, sly-as-a-fox, up-to-their-neck-in-it character is a woman.

It's getting great reviews all over, from the Globe and Mail to The Star to the Edmonton Journal, everyone is loving this book.

With his third book, All Hat, recently made into a feature film (look for it later this year), go discover Big Man, then find his earlier treasures: One Eyed Jacks, All Hat, and Busted Flush.

Not too many books can appeal to this many people - Smith has a loyal following of both men and women, and many consider him a writer's writer. Go buy his stuff - go fall in love with some wonderful characters.


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